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Carbon Credits

Partanna is pioneering a new nature-positive carbon removal technology for the built world. 

Our carbon credits are unique, serving a dual-purpose

Partanna obtains carbon avoidance credits:

We produce negligible amounts of carbon dioxide during our production process.

Partanna obtains carbon removal credits:

Our technology captures and ‘locks-in’ carbon dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere. 

Our technology generates the most valuable carbon credits in today’s market.


Buy our carbon credits

In late 2022, Verra – the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas crediting program – approved Partanna to be listed on its VCS carbon credit registry.


Partanna is the first verified building material to naturally absorb carbon that generates tradeable carbon credits.

Partanna is currently in the process of listing credits associated with its projects in The Bahamas and the United States via carbon credit trading platforms.


If you’re interested in purchasing Partanna carbon credits, please contact

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