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Sam Marshall

Co-Founder, President

Sam Marshall is Co-Founder and President of Partanna Global. Sam is formerly the owner and director of Marshall Projects, a Malibu based, full-service boutique architectural and interior design firm, specializing in hospitality.

During its 15 years of operations, Marshall Projects was regarded among the world’s premiere design firms and scooped multiple awards for its iconic developments.

After more than two decades in the architecture industry, Sam felt limited by the aesthetic and functional properties of conventional building materials. His search for a material that could do more – and drive the design process into the 21st century – is what led to the development of Partanna’s technologies.

Sam is most passionate about eliminating climate negative impacting carbon from the world.

After switching his focus from architecture to material science, Sam now considers the laboratory as a design studio – as he pioneers, with his team, new technologies that can revolutionize all aspects of the design and construction industry.

Sam Marshall
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