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Partanna Delivers Carbon-Negative Pavers at Bretton Woods Recreation Center

12 Jun 2023

Partanna Global, a leader in carbon-removal technology solutions, has completed the delivery of its carbon negative pavers for the Bretton Woods Recreation Center in Maryland.

It marks the first time Partanna’s technology has been applied to a project in the United States.

Partanna has created the world’s first carbon negative building material which avoids emissions and removes CO₂ naturally, essentially acting as a tree. The technology offers a commercially scalable alternative to cement – which contributes to 9% of annual global carbon emissions – and other carbon intensive cement alternatives.

Built with Partanna’s technology, the pavers are 25% stronger than traditional concrete and will generate considerable carbon credits over their life cycle.

At the Recreation Center, 5,000 pavers now cover 1,200 square feet, resulting in 3.2 carbon avoidance credits compared to traditional cement and generating 7.1 carbon removal credits. The project will see approximately 10.3 metric tons of CO₂ emissions reduced, avoided, or removed.

Partanna will own and sell all carbon credits associated with the project, as it seeks to establish the concept of Grey Carbon – technology-based carbon credits associated with the built environment.

This week, Partanna’s carbon credits became available for purchase via prominent carbon credit trading platform Patch, with its technology-based avoidance credits priced at USD$150 and removal credits priced at USD$400.

Rick Fox, CEO and Co-Founder of Partanna Global, said:

"We’re proud to have delivered this project for a visionary partner that has backed our business in its early stages. Our technology offers a win-win solution for developers of all sizes – with Partanna building materials able to reduce their carbon footprint and offer superior specifications compared to traditional cement.

“Our partnerships with industry leaders allow us to develop and improve our products further, and we are committed to creating a better future for all through innovative solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility.

“We’re also pleased to announce that, as of today, Partanna’s carbon credits generated from projects like this can be purchased via Patch. It’s certainly been a busy week!”

Ralph Chami, President of Bretton Woods Recreation Center, also commented:

“We take immense pride in knowing that we are part of history, and together with Partanna, are quite literally paving the way to a carbon-less future. Partanna is rewriting the narrative of development, proving that sustainability, elegance, and cost effectiveness can coexist harmoniously. This moment serves as a reminder that when vision and innovation unite, extraordinary transformations become possible. Let this be an inspiration for all, as we strive to leave a lasting legacy of sustainability and make history with every conscious choice we make.”

Notes to Editors

About Partanna Global:

Partanna Global is a technology company that is helping to disconnect global development from pollution. It has pioneered the world’s first carbon negative building material, that avoids emissions and removes CO₂ naturally. The material is just as durable, affordable, and versatile as traditional concrete, and generates top-performing, carbon removal credits. Through its application across various industries, Partanna’s technology generates top-performing carbon credits in a fast-growing global market.

About Partanna’s technology:

Partanna’s carbon-negative building material is just as affordable, versatile, and durable as traditional cement, but is made in a way that's much better for the environment. Instead of using Portland cement, which is a major source of carbon emissions, Partanna uses a special mixture of natural and recycled ingredients. This mixture is cured at an ambient temperature.

The binder components in Partanna consume CO2 as they cure, removing carbon from the atmosphere in the process. Partanna uses an alternate method of activating the material that is found in natural pozzolans, which avoids the energy-intensive clinkering process and the enormous process CO2 emissions that result from it. Instead, Partanna uses a brine activator that helps form solid carbonates, consuming CO2 in the process.

As these materials dissolve and react, they form a new type of binding agent that performs the same function as traditional cement.

A regular Partanna concrete masonry unit block will avoid and remove 14.3 kg (31.4 lb) of carbon. One 1,250 square-foot home would remove almost 130 metric tons of CO2 and avoid another 54 metric tons, delivering 182.6 credits.

About Bretton Woods Recreation Center:

The Bretton Woods Recreation Center is a hospitality and leisure complex based in Maryland, US. The Center is home to a golf course, tennis, soccer and fitness facilities, as well as corporate hospitality event space. With a focus on environmental sustainability, the Bretton Woods Recreation Center has partnered with Partanna to incorporate their carbon-negative concrete technology into their facility. The Bretton Woods Recreation Center is committed to creating a better future for all, and their partnership with Partanna reflects their dedication to environmental responsibility.

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